Services for Law Firms

• Consulting with respect to compliance with US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and for trans-border cases, with the Ontario e-Discovery Guidelines, E-Discovery Directives in British Columbia, Alberta, and other provinces of Canada, and for compliance with specific regulatory requirements as pertain to specific industries

• Assistance to counsel with drafting litigation hold preservation letters to opposing parties, and assistance to counsel with communicating and implementing a litigation hold to their own clients,

• scope of collection, and manner of collection,

• preparation for and, if necessary, attendance with counsel at meet and confer,

• e-discovery project planning,

• Advice on culling methods for data volume reductions,

• Advice on review platform options, workflow designs, and cost projections of the review stage,

• Merging electronic source data with paper source data,

• Forms of production to opposing parties,

• RFP writing and vendor selection.  Ensure that vendor’s proposal and qualifications meet the client’s requirements and can be delivered within the proposed scope.  Formally document client requirements and the proposed solutions.

• CLE presentations.


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