Clifford F. Shnier
Professional Background

Cliff Shnier, JD

Cliff Shnier, JD

Cliff Shnier has lived and breathed electronic discovery since its beginnings in the mid-1990’s.  If the industry had a charter membership list, his name would be on it.  A lawyer by education and experience, Cliff practiced law for over a decade.  He litigated complex commercial cases in areas as diverse as investment syndication, construction, copyright, and medical malpractice, as well as numerous negligence and criminal matters in his early legal career.  He has extensive jury and non-jury trial experience, and has argued cases successfully at the appellate court level.  Since leaving the practice of law, Cliff has been an entrepreneur, a consultant, a service bureau owner, and an executive with national e-discovery and consulting organizations. 

Cliff has written and lectured extensively on automated document management in litigation and regulatory proceedings and has testified in court as an expert witness.  His articles have appeared in numerous legal periodicals and publications, and his CLE presentations receive consistently high evaluations.  Recognized as an authority in the e-discovery industry, Cliff is an “expert’s expert” cited and quoted by other leaders in the field.  

Cliff received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Toronto, and was admitted to the Bar of the Province of Ontario with Honors.  He practiced law in Toronto.  Based in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1994, Cliff has worked extensively in electronic discovery with the legal profession throughout the United States and Canada.  From litigation arising out of the Savings & Loan failures of the early 1990’s to the Financial Crisis of 2008-09, and all sorts of matters in between and since then, corporations and counsel facing e-discovery challenges have all benefitted from Cliff’s expertise and insights.

In their words:

“Cliff has substantial experience both as a practicing litigator and in the details of electronic discovery preservation, collection, processing, hosting, and production.  Along with his keen insights, that range of experience makes him a capable and extremely valuable electronic discovery consultant.  His presentations always receive excellent reviews.”
Michael Arkfeld, Esq. (Phoenix, AZ), Author, Electronic Discovery and Evidence. 

“On behalf of the various professionals who attended your presentation… , I would like to thank you. The comments were universally extremely positive both as regards the content and in particular your style and form of presentation.  Several mentioned to me that they had attended seminars dealing with this issue [discovery of electronically-stored information] on other occasions but found your presentation was the clearest and most informative.”
-– Patrick E. Kierans, Esq., (Toronto, ON), Managing Partner, Ogilvy Renault LLP (Now Norton Rose).


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